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OBN Team @ Jigjiga
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OBN Director Visited Jigjiga

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Hoogganaa Jijjiiramaa

Transition Leader
Good Leader
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How good are you at making the right decision quickly?  It has long been the perceived wisdom that a good leader is a decisive one.

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August 18, 2020

Ethiopia Reports 1,460 New COVID 19 Cases   Ethiopia yesterday registered 1,460 new COVID 19 cases from 19, 747 laboratory tests conducted i ...

May 3, 2020

OBN May 03,2020- Boris Johnson has revealed “contingency plans” were made while he was seriously ill in hospital with coronavirus. In an int ...

March 28, 2020

Police to Take Measures on Violators of Decisions Passed to Contain COVID-19 The Federal Police Commission announced  that it will take stri ...

March 28, 2020

Kellem Wolega on Road to Sustainable Peace, Stability, says Shimelis Significant achievements gained in restoring peace and stability in Kel ...

March 24, 2020

OBN Mar.24, 2020- South Africa will impose a nationwide lockdown for 21 days from midnight on Thursday to try to contain the coronavirus out ...

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