Foreign Minister Gedu Holds Talks with Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia.

OBN.Nov.26,2019 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Mr. Gedu Andargachew met with Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia H.E. Tan Jian.

The two held talks on bilateral relations notably on trade, investment, tourism and politics.

Mr. Gedu said the diplomatic relation between Ethiopia and China has been long-established and strategic.

Noting many Chinese investors have made significant investments in Ethiopia, Mr. Gedu expressed his hope that the favorable business environment in Ethiopia will also help increase the number of Chinese investors exponentially.

According to the Foreign Minister China will benefit a lot through strengthening its relation to Ethiopia, which is a gateway to the steadfastly and continuously growing African continent.

Highlighting that many Ethiopian students are studying at universities in China, Mr. Gedu appreciated China for its capacity building activities.

Noting Chinese investors are keen to engage in various investment sectors in Ethiopia, Mr. Tan Jian on his part said he will work hard to get that edge.

The ambassador also assured Mr. Gedu that China will continue its support on the Entoto and Unity Park infrastructure projects.

He said he will do his level best to encourage Chinese tourists visit Ethiopia too.

China will continue to support large-scale development projects being undertaken by the Ethiopian government.

Source Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

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