Police to Take Measures on Violators of Decisions Passed to Contain COVID-19

Police to Take Measures

Police to Take Measures on Violators of Decisions Passed to Contain COVID-19

The Federal Police Commission announced  that it will take strict measures against those who violate the directions and decision passed by the government to contain and prevent COVID-19.

In his press briefing to the media, Federal Police Commissioner General Endeshaw Tassew said police have finalized preparations and to get all the measures passed implemented nationally.

The commissioner general noted that although many Ethiopians have given positive responses to the government’s restrictions to contain COVID-19, some organizations and citizens have been  defying bans on large gatherings and physical distancing as well as increasing prices on consumer goods and disseminating false information on social media.

He also raised his concern about some religious leaders and institutions that have continued  holding large gatherings, despite the call of the government urging to refrain from the act.

Endeshaw recalled that the government has passed decision and ordered security forces to enforce ban on large gatherings with the aim to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“At this critical juncture, we will not hesitate to ensure the full implementation of the decisions passed by the government to save our people and the country,” the commissioner general emphasized.

Noting that continued measures would to be taken against citizens defying restrictions and businesses illegally increasing prices on consumer goods, Endeshaw called on the public to cooperate with the police.

He also underlined the importance of the media to play critical role in raising prevention awareness at all levels.

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