State Minister Hirut Zemene Meets Ambassador of France to Ethiopia

OBN Nov. 13,2019-  State Minister Mrs. Hirut Zemene holds talks with the Ambassador of France to Ethiopia Mr. Frédéric Bontems today (November 12).

Mrs. Hirut commended France’s ongoing project to rescue the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

This was a “friendly and timely response from the French side,” said the State Minister and “it shows the comprehensive and continuously growing relations between the two countries.”

Mrs. Hirut also briefed the Ambassador on the recent joint statement issued on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) by the Ethiopian, Sudanese and Egyptian Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Washington.

The State Minister also explained Ethiopia’s stance concerning the filling and operation procedures of the dam.

Ambassador Bontems for his part said a team of scientists comprising conservation architects from France is conducting a field research on the Churches.

He said the reconstruction and restoration of the Churches would be completed as scheduled.

Regarding the filling and operation of the dam, the Ambassador emphasized the importance of professional consultations by technical experts of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, and discussions among high level government officials.

The Ambassador applauded Mrs. Hirut’s explanations on matters pertaining to the dam.@MOFA

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