Waa’ee Keenya

OBN is the Oromia’s leading public service broadcaster.

About Us

OBN provides audiences in the Oromia with high quality and distinctive services across television, radio and online. In the Oromia the OBN provides 17 network television services, 14 (SW MW FM) network radio, Satellite, Streaming services in the nations and regions of the Oromia, plus an extensive online presence. The OBN also delivers impartial news and information to audiences around the globe through different OBN Service. The OBN offers a wide range of careers in the areas of technology, journalism, broadcasting, as well as corporate roles such as HR, legal, finance and administration.

Our aim is – To be Voice of the People and enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain by being the most creative organization in the world.

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